Deer Antler Velvet – What Is It, How Does It Work

Imagine coming home to find that your deer has grown new antlers! They appear like soft fur, exactly like their name suggests. They’re “velvet” blades are found on male deers who develop them every year, following the shed of their old hooves to shed their first ones in autumn so do not be deceived by what you believe is an injured animal or baby buck when it’s still not shed its previous set hooves (or tusks). These velvety scars are not due to biology alone. They also reflect the environment in which bucks live. Bucks don’t have to fight other males for territory/matehood rights like cows and calves.

When a buck loses antlers, it’s not because he can’t be competitive anymore. It happens when he mats with the females in deer season. The process typically starts between December and March. They get rid of their weapons and begin growing velvet ones which provide nutrients so that new growth is more rapid than if there was no this treatment occurring at all. it ensures that everything is in place to develop optimally before spring arrives quickly without our noticing that it’s here due to nature always works fast and sometimes.

According to this document that dates back to 2000 years ago, deer velvet could be a source of medicinal benefits. Traditional Chinese medicine still uses it as their most significant drug. It is a focus on all kinds of diseases and ailments. Ginseng’s main function in Asian culture is to aid in recuperation of strength.

The high content of hormone-like substances in velvet made from deer antler is an ideal candidate for anti-inflammatory actions. Recent research has demonstrated that hormone-like substances found in the deer antler velvet might have effects on immune function and blood pressure. The anatomy of the deer is characterized by unique features, including the sharp cartilage plates that run along their forelegs. These are believed by some to provide protection against predators as they run through the trees and bushes at speeds. However, they can be used by an individual who was able to take one swipe of their arm to show their claim.

Certain people have noticed that deer antlers can help with their arthritis, which could be linked to the anti-inflammatory properties that this animal product. There is a wealth of details on “deer velvet arthritis” on the Internet. Numerous supplement companies be looking to make money from marketing their products. They know that customers need effective treatment but there’s not a scientific basis in the background.

There are so many benefits to velvet made of antler that it is easy to appreciate why one would wish to possess a piece. Many believe that the stimulant properties of antler velvet will improve mental clarity, improve your immune system, and others say they’ve seen an increase in sexual desire. But all of this has not been scientifically proved.

Though it may seem difficult to find, a few establishments sell velvet deer antlers. The hard white chips are known for their therapeutic properties. They are available as tea leaves or capsules depending on how you wish to experience these beautiful bizarre creatures. We’ll need to talk more about how this all works before we dive into the details of where you might come across them while wandering around in the lunchtime.

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