How Covid Has Changed Our Lives

Ever wondered how Covid has changed our lives? I can tell you about my personal experiences. When I was young I used to travel back and forth between my college and university. There is nothing quite like the hustle and bustle of an overcrowded university bus, but on the plus side, there is also a sense of comfort and coziness that comes from knowing you will get to see some nice sights along the way.

I can remember standing at the rear of the bus as the doors opened and the students filed in and out. The place was always bustling with activity. I couldn’t help becoming slightly nervous about the fact that the people sitting in the front were not paying any attention to me. My heart pounded loudly every time someone came up to me asking where I was going.

It became apparent to me that I should start making an effort to get my name out there, so that people would stop bothering me. I went to college in the city centre and this was no exception. I noticed that many of the students in the front were doing exactly the same thing. As they walked up to me, I could hear their eagerness for the conversation. Within a few days I noticed a big change.

Walking back and forth between my college and university years was now an enjoyable part of my day. I was no longer being pestered by people who wanted to talk to me. They seemed to be fewer in numbers, but that didn’t mean that the conversations weren’t happening. They were just sitting there in the shadows, waiting for someone to come and speak to them.

This has become a pattern that I continue to use. I speak to students all the time. Many of them live in or around the city. I notice that they all have in common that they enjoy the city centre. This goes to show that perhaps it isn’t the status that makes someone a great mayor.

There are plenty of reasons as to why living in the city centre is good for your mental health. Whether it’s the socialising or just the fact that you can really get a feel for a new city, it all helps. Living in the city is changing the way how we see it. If you want to live in a relaxed and happy place that makes for a better quality of life, then I urge you to look into how Covid has changed our lives.