How Driver App Features Benefit Drivers In Taxi Business?

Mobile technology is essential to keep your business on top of the market. Technology has seen a dramatic change in recent decades and all sorts of innovations are emerging on every corner; this includes taxis as well. You’ll be able distinguish yourself from the other taxis that are preparing to launch their own versionof the service, in spite of the competition from lower-cost transport providers such as Uber or rental car firms that provide similar services and provide superior customer service.

There are various taxi apps. One , however, is specifically designed for the established companies in need. It ensures that customers can book their rides quickly along with a growing customer base also helping drivers find possible fares faster than they have ever.

The team behind the development was aware of the differing requirements of both drivers and passengers, which resulted in two distinct apps. This gives both drivers and passengers more control, and allows them to access the features they require.

Need-to-have Driver App Features

The taxi industry continues to compete with other taxi companies, one important factor to keep customers loyal is to ensure that drivers have easy access and full control of their app. Driver-friendly features allow new customers and those who are already customers to concentrate on the work with less stress which will result in more efficient service delivery for all.

Vehicle Tracking System

Drivers always prefer to use apps that ease their work and give the best practice. A GPS tracking system can determine the exact location of a passenger. However, once they provide their permission, it’s simpler for drivers to locate them at any moment.

Button for Availability

Drivers can now opt to use their smartphones to be available for new requests, and obtain information. This means they’ll be informed immediately whenever there is a need which gives them the chance to find a different fare with all relevant information such as location.

Driver Dashboard

The new feature will enable drivers to measure their performance against other drivers and gain useful information on their journeys. It is also possible to see comments from other riders to find out if there are positive or negative remarks.

SMS Alerts and Emails

Important messages from passengers will be delivered to cab drivers via SMS or email notifications. They can also send them messages via email or SMS. The interface is simple and easy to use.

Begin/End Ride

Maps are an easy way to get to your destination. This map will show you where pickup and drop-off points are and makes it easy to all participants.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

When a passenger requests transportation they’ll know whether or not it’s been accepted in a matter of seconds. If the driver does not respond within 15-30 seconds of receiving the notification via the app then that means there are no more cars available in this area which could take them away.

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