Things to remember when smoking marijuana for the first time

Many people have tried marijuana. However, they don’t all experience it similar. Some find it disappointing and others experience an intense rush. There aren’t any guidelines for the amount you should take. This means that everybody has different reactions. Some people may be sensitive to certain drugs like caffeine. It is possible to have fun with marijuana, regardless of how experienced or new you are. All you need is the right approach and some patience.

There are five things you need to keep in mind before smoking marijuana for the first time.

1. The first thing you need to be aware of about marijuana is how to choose your strain. There are two primary types: Indica and Sativa, however, not all varieties will create effects that induce relaxation or anxiety so be sure that the person who is recommending you bud knows what kind of high vibe you’re after before she suggests some marijuana. There are many kinds of marijuana, each with its own strengths. Indica strains provide an euphoric feeling as well as a strong physical buzz. However, Indica strains can cause anxiety. Leafly or other online databases will provide more information about the effects of these substances on individuals.

2. You might not feel high the first time you take a puff and you’re not going to feel high, but that’s just normal. Your brain has an endocannabinoid the endocannabinoid receptor system that responds to cannabinoids present in marijuana. This is the reason why people who have been using marijuana for a long time don’t feel “high”. It takes patience; if you’re not able to get it working after trying again then stop trying to feel extraordinary from marijuana.

3. If you’re smoking for the first time I’d suggest against using any bong, or even edible. Even smokers with experience may struggle to control the effects of breathing huge plumes or edibles. If you need to have total control over breathing, the best choice is to make use of joints. But vaporizers provide an easy way to breathe and aren’t as hazardous to the respiratory system as other methods such as joints or boongs.

4. It is best to smoke cannabis at home with someone who’s previously tried it. This will allow you to experience the effects in a space where there are no surprises or unexpected events happening in a hurry that could be a source of anxiety because of your lack of knowledge about this drug culture. It is always recommended to try something new, especially marijuana.

5. There’s a good chance you’ve experienced the uncomfortable sensation of an unexpected feeling of a sudden high. It could happen at any moment and it can be frightening because you’re not aware that it’s happening until the realization sets in which can cause anxiety over the length of time this might last or what will occur if it doesn’t come to an end soon enough; but most times , the feelings will pass without much hassle. Just be aware that drinking water in conjunction with food consumed recently can help reduce the time it takes to recover.

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