What Is LoL?

League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA game. It’s a team-based 5-on-5 strategy game where you control the same character using 3 options to fight another team with the same configuration. It’s really simple. Your goal is to destroy the base of your enemy before theirs. There are 2 bases on either side of the map. You have 3 ways to get into the base of your enemy. A river flows through in the middle of the map and there are turrets for you to get control over to aid your team during battle.

While this explanation may be simple, it still conveys the fundamentals of LoL. I’d like to tell you more.

What is the Game’s Playing Style?

I am going to tell you the factors that make LoL an enjoyable game. It’s not just about the mechanics of the game. It’s not about the way it plays like other games, but what makes this game stand out and sets it apart.

In the beginning, let’s note that the game has developed from its beginnings as an “mod” of Warcraft 3. League of Legends was born within a short time, thanks to the addictive game mechanics of this mod. The original creator of League of Legends has retired from the project. The rights were sold to Riot Games who currently runs League of Legends.

The concept behind MOBA games has existed for some time, however, this game was the one responsible for bringing it into the mainstream. There are numerous MOBA games available, but none that compare to LoL in terms of both popularity and content.

A lot of players in League of Legends are familiar with terms used in games. Many of the terms utilized in League of Legends are familiar to people who played FPS games like Counter-Strike or Call of Duty. LoL is simple to master because there’s no complicated game control system. Anyone who has played FPS games can do it.

To assist your character in battle, you can purchase things. Additionally, you can earn levels and gold which help your character grow stronger. Certain characters are more complex than others. Riot Games constantly updates the game, meaning that the characters you play today could be different tomorrow. Riot Games releases new content each week.

The reason LoL stands out is because of something called “Riot Points.” Riot points allow you to buy items to add to your account, such as skins (different models of your favorite character) as well as boosts that will help you level up quicker, and visual upgrades to the spells you perform. It is possible to purchase a skin for any character in the game, regardless of whether it’s one of the original characters or one that Riot has come up with on its own. This is great for players because they want to stand out among other players in this game. This is also advantageous to Riot because lots of people desire to look distinctive and unique from others, and they will invest money in the virtual currency due to the same reason.

The point I am trying to make is that the game offers more depth than you realize. It requires serious thought and strategy if you are planning on reaching higher levels within this game. While you can play casually however, you should prepare a plan if your goal is to become the top.

It’s not Halo in which you could return quickly and be back into the action. It takes time to recover your mana and health from League of Legends death so you can go back into combat. When you’re gone, your family members will need to take care of you.

If they don’t then it will be difficult to be successful, as you’ll be at a disadvantage with your teammates.

The game requires a huge amount of teamwork, planning and skill to master. You can play with your friends, however, you have to be a true gamer in order to be able to make the right moves and succeed.

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